Saturday, June 16, 2007

Education kills!!!

If I thought last week was bad, well, I will soon be running out of adjectives within the next few days!!! This week we had our dratted FC exams, and for the first time in my life I actually “finished” a one and a half hour paper in 15 mins… simply bcz I had no idea what to write!!! It’s like I came, I saw and I surrendered. The name of the subject is “Principle of management” and if I manage to score in double digits (out of 50) I would consider myself lucky. My only consolation is most of the classmates seem to be in the same boat as me but there are bound to be a few losers who will score 40 and then make us feel worthless!!!
We have 18 subjects in the first semester, and I can’t even name all of them, let alone know about them. Even some sensible profs (a rare breed) think it’s ridiculous, but since we are in D company we live with it! But one thing I got to admit that most of our faculty, especially the visiting faculty are top notch!! We have 3 IIT-IIM guys, and they really restore some faith in you that our higher education does produce some brilliant people. But my favourite has to be our Marketing professor, and I am not saying this just because he happens to be a Bong… I adore him, not because the way he teaches, not because he is suave and sophisticated, not even because he has a great sense of humour, but because the man is so humble: that is indeed a mark of greatness!!! He has a shining career, but he didn’t even introduce himself or his alma mater and even when we asked him, he just avoided the topic (I had to go online to find out about him). He makes us think simply, and says that he has all the deficiencies of human nature, that he knows nothing, but when he teaches us Kotler, we know what he is made up of! But in class he is very firm in his expectations from us, and his sarcasm can actually make you look down and wish there was a hole through which you could disappear! He is the classic example of the difference between humility and diffidence… you can be humble and yet let your work do the talking and in today’s world when people will promise the moon to get ahead in life and then go back on their word, he is a refreshing change. I have heard some seniors describe him as God; since I am an atheist, I will stay away from that club, but to me, he exemplifies the “Better Man”, and not Robbie Williams (no matter how hot he is)

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