Friday, June 8, 2007

Phew- what a week!!!!

If you ask me about my first week at a B-school (specifically SCMHRD), you are likely 2 get the same answer if you ask a juvenile delinquent who is serving his sentence in a prison....
Anyways after the induction on Saturday, we had the Outbound Learning (OBL) on Sunday. We were taken to a place called Lekha Farm and spent the entire day there. We were divided into a few groups and we had games, competitions, activities (including rope climbing) and an interview session where we got to knw each other betr. for the first time, we actually felt we were part of the same planet (all be it a concentration camp) instead of aliens. I was part of a group called Spartans and in spite of most of us being small, we performed really well. This OBL was designed to improve our co-ordination, communication, team skills- i dnt knw whether these objectives were fulfilled, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
The bad things started from Monday. Typically we would wake up at 5:30 am, drag ourselves to the gym, come back to steal a few winks of sleep, get late in the process, fight as to who gets to use the bathroom first, grab some breakfast, rush to attend the 9 am lecture (and more importantly the attendance), bore ourselves to death for 8 hrs- this week, the most frequently used words have been: assignments, presentations, class participation, credits- none of which i particularly like!!! Here they call it a "learning institute" and teachers are there to facilitate learning, and not merely teach. I love the concept, but the implementation is taking a toll on me. Apparently, you have to come prepared for a lecture even BEFORE the topic has been discussed in class. Now I come from a typical graduate college (a great college), where the concept of "preparation" (befor or after) a lecture simply did not exist. I mugged up notes and xeroxes one week before the exams n that was enuf to fetch me a University rank... N suddenly at the ripe old age, I am expected to study!!!
Anyways the highlight of the week was that I bunked our dear old subbu (the director himself) sir's lecture and got caught... well am a bit rusty after a 2 yr break 4m college, but m sure by the end of the semester i will get back my old touch!! got blasted for my "atrocious behaviour", didnt get attendance and have been threatened that I could be called to the Director's office soon... not really looking forward to that. Neither am I lookin forward to next week when we are going 2 have a string of exams and presentations- not a great start, but I'm enjoying the bitter sweet (mostly bitter) experience!!!

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