Tuesday, June 12, 2007

J'aime e'eclire (I like to write).. I hope so!!

Je m’appelle Shimonti
It means My Name is Shimonti in French…. Had my first French lecture yesterday. I had never done it before unlike most of the other students, so learning a new language at this ripe old age is a big thrill. And probably after a million years I again got to write (and sing) the ABCD song as well as numbers from 1 to 20…. It was quite an experience. Now we had a choice between French, German, Spanish and Chinese. While only one person (now she has become the most admired person in the batch) dared to take up Chinese, most of the other people like me who had no background in Foreign languages took up Spanish as it was the easiest to scrape through in exams. I still decided to take up French, not for valid reasons like it’s a romantic and beautiful language, or that it’s very widely used, but b’coz I loved my room mate’s reasoning- we all dream of a dream honeymoon in Paris and it is then when our knowledge will come in handy. Or it will be really romantic to propose somebody in French. That ways, he might not understand what I am talking about, and I can always say he misunderstood if he happened to turn me down!!!
We also had a Vedanta session at 7 am. Now the guy who came to lecture was a really good speaker (and really young; you usually don’t subscribe that much wisdom and spirituality to such young people) but somehow most of the speakers fell asleep. Spirituality and Sleep isn’t a very good combination. But he did raise some valid points about life, about ambitions, about happiness, about satisfaction. I know we were all here working ourselves to death for a cushy job and material comforts but at the end of the day, we would be fooling ourselves if we thought it could lead us to peace. Happiness is a matter of choice and I choose to be happy in spite of four hours of sleep, in spite of boring lectures that simply goes way above my head (the other people seem pretty okkk, it must be only me), in spite of the looming foundation exams which I am sure to flunk.
Bon Jour
Right now my French vocab is very limited… will come back with more next week!!


Mohit Malani said...

Hey read your blog really nice that u get the time to write in the first semester......Am a senior of urs and am into blogging myself......enjoy the ride is all what i can say

Rashmi said...


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