Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Diwali Dreams

So it was yet another diwali, yet another diwali away from kolkata, away from my gang of rowdy brothers who make Diwali a blast- literally! With our 3rd semester exams on, quite a few people are stranded on campus while some of us have managed to squeeze in a few days of vacation. Bombay was comparatively quieter this year- what with economic recession, job losses, stock market crash, and the Raj Thackeray fiasco, Diwali was more subdued- not the usual obscene display of pomp and grandeur that you usually experience on Marine Drive!

My Diwali was nothing special- quiet time with family, lots of food and chocolates, catching up with friends, long phone calls and yes, shattered dreams and a wait for new ones.

And finally, Usha Aunty- it was an honour to meet you at last…

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usha said...

it was my pleasure to meet the budding writer