Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ode to street shopping!

So am in Mumbai for Diwali and decided it was time for some good old shopping! N my shopping expeditions are usually conducted during Sale seasons or bargain shops. But this time I decided to go high-end and attacked the streets of Kemps Corner- the posh South Mumbai shopping paradise. As I gingerly stepped into a branded shoe store I was greeted by a smiling salesperson and as I eyed the attractively positioned party heels, he did his usual sales pitch. While I didn’t seem completely sold off (my eyes were fixated on the price tag) he tried a different tactic: he began to flatter me- something that works really well on girls- about how good that pair looked on my feet, about how it was the style of the season, about how that colour looks great on young people like me… it was a far cry from the usual haggling that I indulge in- my regular shopping experiences are something like this:
I- Bhaiya yeh kitne ka hai?
Sales guy- 200 rupaiya…
I- Kya bhaiya, kuch bhi bolte ho…. 50 mein dena hai to do
Sales guy- 50? Isme uska photo bhi nahi milega… niklo yaha se
I- accha theek hai. 75 final. Student hoon bhaiya, paise nahi hai
Sales guy- 100!! Usse kaam nahi hoga
I- sigh!!! Theek hai…
So obviously this Kemps corner affair with its 4 figure price tags and smiling sophisticated sales people was something quite new for me. And it kinda scared me…and quite surprisingly the hollow flattery didn’t go down well with me. I missed my straight forward abusive roadside bhaiya. As I made my way out of the shop sans the party heels, I headed towards my favourite bargain store just to feel better in the familiar surroundings, followed by a soothing one hour at Crossword- the place which still keeps me sane during insane times. I bought the White Tiger and Stay Hungry Stay Foolish instead of party heels- so my Diwali shopping is done!!

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the Havisham Effect said...

white tiger s pretty good
lota righteous anger.
and kinda scary in a day to day life way