Friday, October 10, 2008

To Sir... with love!

So I met this professor of mine after ages- let’s call him RC. He represented my idea of The Complete Man: the ideal guy- smart, articulate, funny with an element of sarcasm, well-read, versatile, well traveled, experienced and yes good looking though not in the typical TDH way. He helped me through my frustrations, my fears and yeah, through those long comprehension passages, vocab and reasoning in my days of CAT preparations. He would sit with me patiently for ages analyzing my mock papers trying to figure out how I managed to score a negative in the Quant section! And after I got through the first hurdle, he made my life miserable during the mock interviews and GDs. So today when I met him after almost a couple of years, he greeted me with, “Oh you have grown up from the 16-year old kid who used to cry during mock interviews”. Of course I wasn’t 16, and I never cried, but yeah, close enough!

So the bottomline is that I developed a minor crush over this 35 year old guy, whose classes were a breeze, who encouraged us to think and who was like a friend just a phonecall away. And his kind of humour totally got me- there were times when he would crack a joke with a straight face, not many people would even find it funny, but I would just burst out laughing with the entire class staring at me… and then become sober. He was the typical arty, bohemian types whom I worshipped!

Today as we caught up on old times, we somehow transcended the teacher-student barrier, and before long we were discussing our love lives (or the lack of them), previous relationships, financial crisis, communism, Mark Twain, alcohol and world tour. He advised me to quit worrying about placement and just find a rich guy and live happily ever after. I explained that I found it difficult to find a guy, let alone rich!

As we said goodbye, he hugged me and signed off with a typical, “be good, but if you can’t, be careful!”. 

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