Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FB: a social nuisance!!!

I don’t like Facebook, I don’t like the constant updates about what “my friends” (some of whom I have never spoken to in person mind you) are upto every minute of their lives, I don’t care what quizzes they took or their results, I don’t give a damn who wrote what on their walls, and I definitely don’t care about their relationship status! I like the option of uploading snaps and tagging your friends and commenting on the snaps (and this too has been taken to annoying heights by some of my friends who now use the forum to make fun of me) but I absolutely HATE the complete invasion of privacy at the name of “social networking” and to a certain AD: cut it out!! I don’t give a damn about which “stumbleupon” page you stumbled on to!!

There!! Now that I got it out of my system, something about the FB Sex and the City (SATC) quiz: no I didn’t take the quiz, I don’t need some stranger to tell me which character I resemble, because I know it. As much as I would love to be like the carefree, emotionally unattached sexually liberated Samantha (I don’t know any such woman in real life, but if they do exist, hats off to them!! They totally rock and I would give anything to be like them), the truth is I am like Carrie (no, not even Miranda), i.e. like most women. But yes, Carrie could easily be my American counterpart ten years down the road. To begin with, she is a writer (and a frivolous one at that… very much like me) and while she has made a career out of it and I am yet to get there, but I still have time on my side! She is as much of a New Yorker, as I am a Mumbaiite, addicted to the city for no good reason! She is a compulsive shopaholic and while she thrives on Prada and Gucci, I am yet to graduate beyond the sale season at Pantaloons, but I am getting there. And finally, as much as I hate to admit it, in spite of being a single, independent, so-called “successful” woman with a mind of her own, I am as much of a relationship addict as she is: needy, whiny, obsessive, paranoid, confused, attracted to the wrong kind of people, complaining about commitment phobes, while she herself is one, who flaunts her single status and yet is defined by relationships! She has her dysfunctional relationship with Mr. Big, and god knows, I have had my share of dysfunctional associations. Now all I need is a gay male friend, and my journey towards Carriedom will be complete!!


the Havisham Effect said...

I completely agree abt dt stumble on whatever shit that is!
that floods up everyting

webstar said...

Umm...u r like Carrie in alot of ways ;p
I second that!

Shimonti said...

@ the havisham effect
hv u noticed FB has taken cognizance abt the nuisance n now they report it in a summary :)yipee!!
n u r like miranda in a lot of ways... definitely as annoying n paranoid as she is