Saturday, April 18, 2009


Words I hate:

CUTE: As somebody will say, it means “ugly but tolerable” and I so believe it…
INNER BEAUTY: Often used when you want to highlight the absence of outer beauty
BUBBLY: You never know whether it’s a compliment or an insult. A safe answer to fall back on when you have to write about someone you don’t like too much in the yearbook
PARADIGM SHIFT: Management jargon which means NOTHING
COMMUNICATION/INTIMATION: HR jargon and invariably they do not communicate or intimate
WORK: Well, for obvious reasons…

Words I love:
RAIN: The four letter word which rhymes easily and is an inspiration for the poet in you
LAISSEZ FAIRE: I like the sound of it, and I like the meaning of it!
CRAP: It adequately describes most things in a short, sweet and succinct manner
PASSION: I have abused it enough in my writing, during my interviews, even in my FB/orkut profile, so yeah, I feel grateful to the word
RENDEZVOUS: The pronunciation fascinated me as a kid, the implications fascinate me now
IMPERFECT: well, for obvious reasons…


sayak said...

How about the words "LOVE" and "HATE" themselves?

My most favorite word:- Serendipity, kind of describes my life so far and very difficult to pronounce.

Ashwin said...

my list:


Anonymous said...

Such a cute post from such a bubbly woman.. I tell you it speaks oodles of the paradigm shift that you have undergone in these two years, and needless to say, reflects very well on your inner beauty...

Shimonti said...

@ sayak
welcome to my blog :) as for the words 'love' n 'hate', well, they r too loaded n too strong to b used regularly! n serendipity sounds good: kind of describes my life in a way too!!
@ ashwin
as usual u give incomplete info... wat r these words? ur fav ones or ur most disliked ones...
@ anonymous
i know who u r... the meanness in the commnt speaks volumes about ur identity!!