Thursday, April 2, 2009

Legacies of Room No 213

1. Pushkar ke kapde 
2. Smuggling a bottle of wine in the room and getting drunk
3. Me getting bruised each time I am near the cupboard and somebody walks in unannounced (every bloody time)
4. Our room getting flooded a day before the six sigma exam and instead of studying we spent the whole night in cleaning up
5. Shivangi getting hyper during exams
6. Shivangi making the exam timetable and sticking it up on the wall and every time a paper finishes, she rushes upstairs to cancel it before I could (I am a bad omen, I have been told)
7. Storing junk food during exams for late night study sessions. The end result is me finishing the food before 11 pm and going to bed while my roomies struggled through the night in an empty stomach
8. The night before the CMM exam Shivangi went on a prowl to see what people were studying (she didn’t even have that elective, but I did and I was fast asleep) and she got freaked and came back, screamed at me and woke me up and I studied for an hour to make her happy and I scored an A 
9. Shevaita shouting at me every morning to open the windows and again every evening to close the windows
10. The confusions before every outing and every party about what to wear as the floor and the chairs disappear under a heap of clothing and we fight for the solo mirror on the wall
11. The three photo collages on the walls (birthday gifts to one another)
12. The leisurely meals on the floor with elaborate arrangements after we had ordered food from Savaloy, IIIT, D Hostel or simply made bhel for ourselves
13. Me setting an alarm for 4 am in the morning and then going back to bed till breakfast time
14. The phrases we picked up from each other: “For what joy?”, “Look, you don’t understand”, “FO”, “Whatever”, “Get a life”…
15. Banging on the bathroom door before a 9 o’clock lecture

For all the long nights, for all the gossip sessions, for all the fights, for all the cold wars, for all the open wars, for all the times spent together… Room No. B213 rocks!!

Jointly contributed by Shevaita, Shivangi and me


webstar said...

Some others uve 'conveniently' forgotten
1. Trying to wake Simanti up at 12 for birthdays @ Sweety! Only to be sent as representatives from 213 coz she wont wake up...
2. Simanti's 'pleasant' wake up calls which include 'moron get up' or 'am hungry losers, lets have breakfast'
3. The perpetual food table(Shevait's) coz it has no books on it..
4. Simanti's YAWNS teaching us invaluable biology lessons (view of her oesophagus,intestines & pancreas)..
5. Shevaita's last minute 'top-change' ritual before every outing..
6. Simanti's "VB" situations ;)
7. Inventing the Babe Code with Shalmoli..
8. Simanti's insatiable hunger for SATC(ahem)/ HIMYM..

Shimonti said...

@ webstar
thnks for making the list more comprehensive!! will miss room no 213, will miss campus, will miss those days, n most of all, will miss u!!!