Friday, July 15, 2011

Guys Will Never Get This...

Have you wished that baby pink top you love so much was available in a smaller size?
Have you ever wished that Remanika dress that looks so awesome was cheaper (EVEN AFTER THE 30% DISCOUNT)?
Have you ever wished that you were slim enough to slip into THAT?
Have you ever wished you were tall enough to carry off that pair of capris?
Have you ever wished you were slim enough AND tall enough to effortlessly look good in ANYTHING instead of trying to find clothes which “flatter your curves?”

Basically, have you ever visited the mall and come out depressed wanting to go straight under the knife?

That’s what the sale season does to me…


ssoggo said...

Basically what I do is buy stuff without trying them on. That way, I can stall the depression till I actually need to wear it..!

Nefertiti said...

but that's money wasted plus depression if you don't fit into it/look ugly in it