Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Not that you care, but I am running out of ideas, so please allow me this self indulgence…

The Likes:
1.Shoes (especially my pair of black boots)
2.Girly clothes (dresses, skirts, floral tops instead of the ubiquitous jeans, capris, tees and the hideous Allen Solly collared shirts)
3.Books (no management or self help books though. I throw up each time I see ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’)
4.The combination of junk food and The Big Bang Theory
5.Eden Gardens (the open air seats)

The Dislikes:
2.Heights (overbridges, mountains, basketball players)
3.Dadar Station
4.Parties (especially office parties/discs)
5.Excel Sheets

The Dreams:
1.Getting my book published someday
2.Watching the finals at Wimbledon
3.Watching Formula 1 live on the ground
4.Traveling to Egypt/West Indies/Greece
5.Getting my own small place right on a beach

The Conflicts:
1.I am a Bong who doesn’t like fish/sweets/tea
2.I am a girl who doesn’t like weddings
3.I learnt classical dance for nine years and yet I am terrified of the dance floor at any party
4.I am an Economics graduate and Finance MBA working in an investment bank who HATES numbers (and excel sheets)
5.I am a cricket fanatic who disappears from the world during the IPL

The Secrets:
1.I haven’t read/watched ANY Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Twilight books/movies
2.I find older men very attractive (Sean Connery/Michael Douglas/Bruce Willis/Bruce Springsteen/Steve Tyler/Bono/Nasiruddin Shah)
3.I have hugged a stranger from behind thinking he was my dad, I have entered the men’s room by mistake and I have accidentally asked out a strange guy over the phone
4.I have a red dress which bought while I was in college and I am STILL waiting for the perfect occasion/perfect body to wear it
5.This one is a real secret…


Neil said...

Funny how you dislike tall people ... The 'accidentally' walking into the mens room thing is quite common for women, isnt it? ive seen someone **cough cough Anon cough cough** do the same. P.S: why on earth havent you read LoTR, the books are excellent

Imperfectionist said...
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Imperfectionist said...

Funny part is that I know all of them, except the hugging part :P

Nefertiti said...

whats funny abt disliking tall ppl? n i meant basketball tall ppl: 6'5 plus! and yes, anon is desperate is enuf to enter the mensroom deliberately, but in my case it was a genuine accident. Trust me, if it was intentional, I could have done better :)

yeah, i guess that's the price u pay for spending too much time with me: u have to LISTEN to me also