Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Me(rc)?

Welcome to disaster: Mercedes is now offering individuals the option to lease a car at 50% of the price!

We are slowly, but surely going the American way, where we become slaves to our materialistic desires, buying things which we don’t need at prices we can’t afford. Credit cards and EMIs are the buzzwords, and we no longer believe in our parents’ conservative approach towards consumerism. “Debt” is almost “cool”: earlier we had home loans, then came car loans and education loans, but now we have it for everything, including the split AC we can do without or the designer mobile phone with features we hardly use.

I am very old fashioned in that sense. Even if I borrow five bucks from someone, I feel uneasy till I have returned it (and it works both ways, though now I have learnt to let go of the small sums). I absolutely hate leverage (it’s my typical middle-class bong upbringing I suppose). It’s an irony I work in an investment bank. I am a cultural/psychological misfit with the business model. That also tells you they should probably revamp their recruitment policy and introduce psychometric tests.

I hate debt especially if it’s for luxury cars/phones/other gadgets. Why can’t Mango come up with such a scheme? I can rent their clothes for half the price and then return them after a month or so.

Life is so unfair for women...


Anonymous said...

'Even if I borrow five bucks from someone, I feel uneasy till I have returned it' - What absolute bull. Remember you took such a long time to pay me back and you refused to pay me interest also

Nefertiti said...


Remember the many times I asked for your ank account details so that I can transfer the money and you just refused to tell me. Whose fault was that?

And stop commenting as anon. One anon commenter is enough.